Yy  Series Single Phase Induction Motor

Item Description of YY&lpar DO2&solJX&rpar Series One Phase Induction Motor

YY&lparDO2&solJX&rparSeries Solitary-Section Asynchronous Motor is made to country common and are of very good performance&comma low sound&comma small dimensions&comma mild excess weight&comma straightforward servicing&interval Characteristics designed to Safety Course IP44&comma IP54 and increased up to IP55&semi Cooling Method IC411&semi Rated Voltages 380V&comma 400V and 415V&semi Frequency 50HZ or 60HZ&interval It is broadly utilized in mechanism tools with solitary section voltage&period YU&lparBO2&solJZ&rpar&commaYC&lparCO2&solJY&rpar&commaYY&lparDO2&solJX&rparSeries One Stage Micropower Asynchronous

Frame Measurement&colon H45~80mm

Energy&colon 6~1100W
Synchronous Pace&colon 50HZ&colon 3000&semi 1500&semi 1000RPM
60HZ&colon 3600&semi 1800&comma 1200RPM
Voltage&colon 220&sol240V&comma 220V&comma 380V
Frequency&colon 50HZ&comma 60HZ
Defense Course&colon IP44&comma IP54&comma IP55&comma IP56
Insulation Class B&semi F&semi H
Ambi&period Temperature&colon -20~&plus40 °C
Altitude Over Sea Degree&colon ≤1000M










Yy  Series Single Phase Induction Motor