Two Servo or 3 Servo Motor Control Middle Sealing Center Sealing Side Sealing Bag Making Machine

Large Velocity 3 Side SEALING ,four Side SEALING BAG Making Machine .
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one. Centre SEALING /Center SEALING BAG Producing Device : 

two. STAND UP ZIPPER BAG Producing Device : 

3. Aspect SEALING STAND UP BAG Making Device:

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1.CZPT Parameter

Machine function: 3-side seal, zipper, stand-up-pouch

Main electric configuration:
3 servo motor, and both PLC and touch screen made by Panasonic, main drive is
 AC motor and converter from TAIAN.

Suit material:
BOPP, COPP, PET, PVC, nylon, such as plastic laminated film, Multilayer 
co-extrusion film, Aluminized composite film, paper-plastic laminated film, 
aluminum laminated film.

Bag making speed: 160 pcs/min

Maximum feeding speed: ≤40m/min (depends on material and bag  shape )

Bag size: 

Size: 400mm ( If the length is longer than 400mm, it can adopt times to send, 
maximum can be 6 times)
Width : 600mm

Maximum size of unwinding roller:∮600×1250mm ( diameter×width )

Position fixing precision: ≤±0.5mm

Sealing cutter Quantity: vertical sealing adopts 4 groups of heating and cooling on up and down horizontal sealing adopts 3 groups of heating on 
up  and down, 2 groups of cooling on up and down.
Zipper adopts ultrasonic.

CZPT heating piece Quantity: 20 pcs

Temperature range: 0~300ºC

Machine power: 65KW ( at the beginning the power usual is around 38KW, and when heat 
preservation, it will be around 15KW.)

Machine dimensions: 13000×2500×1870mm(L×W×H)

Machine weight: about 7000kg

Control system: SSF-IV type laminated film high speed bag-making machine 
control system.
two. Prepared by user

Power supply: 3 phase 380V±1050Hz    air switch 150A
      With null line, ground electrode(R.S.T.E)

Ability: ≥65Kw

Air source: 35L/min (.6Mpa)

Cooling water: 15L/min

three. Main configuration list

Machine part
CZPT part Variety Qty Provider
Traction Traction motor
1KW 2pcs,1.5KW 1pcs 3pcs Panasonic
Pneumatic component
Main transmission reducer
1:17 1pcs SEW
five.5KW 1 pcs ZheJiang
Converter .75KW 1 pcs ZheJiang
  1pcs Panasonic
10.4inches 1 pcs AOC
Strong-state relay
  24 pcs HangCZPT
Magnetic powder brake
  3 pcs HAIAN
Web guiding
CZPT photoelectric 1 pcs HangCZPT
optoelectronic switch
SB-511 5pcs HangCZPT


Two Servo or 3 Servo Motor Control Middle Sealing Center Sealing Side Sealing Bag Making Machine