Rsm0 Series Square Semiconductor Protection Fuse

1. Application
This collection fuse is appropriate for AC 50Hz, rated voltage to 1000V, rated current to 1250A. It is largely used for safeguarding the electrical circuit towards overload and short-circuits(gG/gL). Due to the fact of distinct melting tablets, it also may derive for defending the semiconductor unit and other people full set installment from short-circuit (aR/gR/gs) as well as the electrical motor from short circuit (aM). The rated breaking potential is to 120KA. They conform to nationwide standard GB13539 and intercontinental electrical committee common IEC60269.

two.CZPT Feature
This series of fuse consists of fuse url, fuse base and provider fuse. The variable cross-section fuse body made by pure copper piece (or copper wire, silver wire, silver piece) is sealed in the square fusion tube which is produced by the large toughness porcelain or epoxy glass fabric pipe, there is complete of the higher-purity quartz sand processed right after chemistry to take the extinguishing of arc medium in the tube. The two sides of the fuse use the location welding to reliably link with the stop plate(or junction panel) and to type the sq. knife form make contact with composition. The fuse may possibly have fuse indicator or striker, when the fuse aspect fusing it can exhibit fusing (indicator) or transforms every variety of sign as nicely as computerized transfer circuit (striker). The fuse base is composed of high temperature resistance resin plate(or higher depth porcelain plate) and wedge-shaped static get in touch with to kind open up-sort structure and it can be used as the supporting gadget of the proper size of the fuse link. This series of fuse has many deserves these kinds of as good in heat dissipation, higher mechanical energy, trustworthy in make contact with, convenient in functionality and so on.

3. Theory CZPT Parameter
1. Product: Sq. semiconductor defense fuse
Rated voltage: 690~1250V
Breaking capability: 200KA
Operate quality AR/gR

Variety Competitor part number Rated voltage(V) Class rating (A) Proportions(mm)
RSM01P51KN 170M, URD, URG AC690/DC440 40-630 50 fifty one fifty nine forty M8 5 f17
RSM02P51KN 170M, URD, URG AC690/DC440 two hundred-900 50 51 sixty nine 50 M8 eight f20
RSM03P51KN 170M, URD, URG AC690/DC440 400-1250 fifty fifty one seventy seven sixty M10 ten f24
RSM05P51KN 170M, URD, URG AC690/DC440 500-2000 50 fifty one ninety two 75 M12 10 f30


Kind Competitor part number Rated voltage(V) Class rating (A) Proportions(mm)  
RSM07P67A 170M, URD, URG AC690/DC440 a thousand-4000 four*M10 33
RSM07P67AKN 170M, URD, URG AC690/DC440 a thousand-4000 4*M10 33
RSM07P67B 170M, URD, URG AC690/DC440 a thousand-4000 four*M10 38
RSM07P67BKN 170M, URD, URG AC690/DC440 one thousand-4000 4*M10 38


Rsm0 Series Square Semiconductor Protection Fuse