Gearless Elevator Motor for Elevator

Equipment elevator traction equipment (SN-TMYJ250B)
Product Name: SN-TMYJ210B


Equipped with plate brake, compact construction, little volume
Enough calculated issue of protection and reliable
Higher efficiency, vitality preserving
Seamless structural design and style with mini distortion
Higher successful of the electromagnetic, reduced temperature increase
Lower procedure noise, smooth working

Product No. Specification
Load(kg) Rated Energy
Roping Nxd(mm) Sheave Dia.(mm) Ratio Velocity
SN-TMYJ100 350 3KW 1:1 φ10×4 φ520 forty seven:one .75
SN-TMYJ135 four hundred 4KW one:one φ13×3 φ520 37:1 1
five hundred 5.5KW 1:one φ13×3 φ520 37:1 1
630 5.5KW one:one φ13×3 φ520 37:1 1
SN-TMYJ210A 1000 seven.5KW-6/24 one:1 φ13×5 φ586 fifty nine:1 .five
1000 7.5KW one:1 φ13×5 φ586 fifty nine:1 .5
2000 11KW-six/24 2:1 φ13×5 φ586 59:two .5
2000 11KW two:one φ13×5 φ586 59:two .five
SN-TMYJ210 2000 11KW-six two:one φ13×5 φ586 59:2 .5
1000 7.5KW-6 1:1 φ13×5 φ586 59:one .5
SN-TMYJ210F a thousand 11KW-six 1:1 φ13×5 φ546 55:2 1.
630-800 7.5KW-six 1:one φ13×5 φ546 fifty five:two 1.
SN-TMYJ250B 3000 15KW-six two:1 φ16×5 φ640 63:two .5
3200 eighteen.5KW-6 2:1 φ16×5 φ640 sixty three:two .5
SN-TMYJ300 5000 18.5KW-six two:1 φ16×6 φ730 73:two .25
5000 25KW-6 two:one φ16×7 φ730 seventy three:two .five

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Gearless Elevator Motor for Elevator