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HangZhou CHINAMFG Power Machinery Co., Ltd. For 10 years, our company specializes in engine-products developing, manufacturing and trading. At present there are over 300 people, and high intermediate technical personnel accounts for above 15%. Factory building area covers about 20, 000 square meters. It has an annual capacity of 200, 000 sets.
Our main products are Gasoline Engine, Diesel Engine, Gasoline Generator, Diesel Generator, Water Pumps and Pressure Washer etc. Our products have been exported to more than 50 countries and areas. Our main markets are in Europe, north America, south America, Africa, Middle East and Southeast Asia area etc.
Most of our items have got various approvals such as CE and SONCAP certificate, we persistent follow the policy of “observing contracts and keeping promise”and pursue the principle of “sincere, serving customer based on equality & reciprocity”.

We are looking CHINAMFG to going hand in hand with you and co-create resplendence.

Perfect for outside activities and for backup electric power supply when power outage!

Poweroutput: 650w/850w/1.0kw/1.5kw/2kw/2.5kw/2.8kw/3.0kw/4.0kw/5.0kw/6.0kw

CE/ISO9001: 2008/SONCAP approved, export worldwide!

We are confident in supplying products with good quality at reasonable price.
Looking CHINAMFG to long-terms, fruitful and stable cooperation with you.
Please contact me if you have any interest, thanks.

1`CE; SONCAP; ISO9001: 2008 certification approved approved

2`Mproved Fuel Efficiency, Longer Life & Less Maintenance;

3`Automatic Voltage Regulation Protects CHINAMFG State Equipment, Convenient Control Panel Features 2AC Outlets, 1 DC outlet, Low Oil Shutdown Protects;

4`The Engine By Automatically Turning Off When Oil Is Low,

5`Portable compact open structure, equipped With 10 inch wheels and stationary handle for easy portability;

6`Generator Comes With Oil, Battery, 30A Cord, and a 1 Year Limited Warranty.

7`Powers fridge, furnace, lights, TV, and much more

8`Patent design, unique appearance and function; Advance technologe, with THD<5% avaliable

Specifications for Power Value gasoline

Tell us your requirement to recommend you the right generator model

Each gasoline generator set is wrapped in poly bag, then into carton. With Owners Manual in it, Standard colorful carton is available, ready for retail

“Quality is first, Customers are friends”.

HangZhou PowerValue people are always paying great attentions to quality controlling
From the beginning to the end. Every piece of goods is tested strictly 1 by 1 before packing.

We keep goods to meet the standard of CE, CCC, ISO9001: 2000.

1. Q: Are you a factory or trading company?
A: We are a factory.

2. Q: Where is your factory located?
A: Our factory is in Duqiao, HangZhou city, ZHangZhoug Province, China.
It’s near HangZhou & ZheJiang port.
It’s about 1hour from Xihu (West Lake) Dis. air port by car, 45 minutes from Xihu (West Lake) Dis. train station by car.

3. Q: What is the material of your products?
A: Iron, Steel, plastic, etc.

4. Q: How about quality control in your factory?
A: “Quality is first, Customers are friends”.

HangZhou PowerValue people are always paying great attentions to quality controlling
From the beginning to the end. Every piece of goods is tested strictly 1 by 1 before packing.

We keep goods to meet the standard of CE, CCC, ISO9001: 2000.

5. Q: How about guarantee?
A: It’s within 3 months after goods is discharged in the destination.
During that period, if some breakdown easily spare parts need to change, my factory offers free.

For example, fuel cock, spark plug, starting hand, etc.

Generator   Rated frequency (Hz):   50 60
Rated voltage (V):   230 120
Rated output power (kW):   2 2.5
Max output power (kW): 2.2 2.8
Rated rotation speed (rpm):   3000 3600
DC output:   12V 8A  
Power factor cos:   1
Phase number:   Single phase  
Noise level dB (A)/7m (zero load-full load):   68-72
Fule tank[L]:   15
Set   Overall dimensions [mm] ( L x W x H ): 570x455x475
N. W/G. W[Kg]:   42/44
Engine   Engine model: ZH160
Engine type:   single cylinder, 4-stroke, air-cooled, OHV, gasoline engine  
Displacement [cc]:   163
Compression ratio:   8.5: 1  
Rated power [(HP/rpm]:   5.5/3600  
Rated rotation speed (rpm):   3600
T. C. I:   with  
Spark plug:   F6RTC  
Starting system:   recoil starter  
Rotation direction (view from flywheel):   clockwise
Fuel type:   automotive unleaded gasoline  
Lube oil brand:   SAE10W30 (above CC grade)  
Low oil alarm system:   With

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Warranty: 1 Year
Output Type: AC Single Phase;AC Three Phase;DC 12V 8A
Starting: Electric Start
Phase: Single-Phase
Power: <5kW
Standard: Standard


single phase motor

What is the Typical Voltage Supply for a Single-Phase Motor in Residential Settings?

In residential settings, the typical voltage supply for a single-phase motor is 120 volts (V) or 240 volts (V), depending on the specific electrical system in place.

In many residential buildings in North America, the standard voltage supply is 120/240 volts. This means that there are two power legs available: a “hot” leg with a voltage of 120V and a “hot” leg with a voltage of 240V. These two legs are derived from a single-phase supply and are used to power various electrical devices and appliances, including single-phase motors.

The 120-volt supply is commonly used for smaller electrical loads and appliances with lower power requirements. It is typically found in outlets used for general lighting, small appliances, and electronics. Single-phase motors operating on 120 volts are often used in residential applications such as fans, pumps, and household appliances like washing machines and refrigerators.

The 240-volt supply, on the other hand, is used for larger electrical loads and appliances that require higher power. This voltage is commonly used for appliances like electric ranges, dryers, and larger HVAC systems. Single-phase motors operating on 240 volts are generally used in applications that require more power, such as air compressors, larger pumps, and some industrial equipment.

It’s important to note that voltage requirements can vary depending on the specific motor and appliance. Always refer to the manufacturer’s specifications or the motor nameplate for the correct voltage rating and ensure that the electrical system in the residential setting complies with the appropriate voltage supply.

single phase motor

Can single-phase motors be used in agricultural equipment like water pumps?

Yes, single-phase motors can be used in agricultural equipment like water pumps. Single-phase motors are commonly used in various agricultural applications due to their simplicity, affordability, and ease of use.

Water pumps are essential for irrigation systems, livestock watering, and other agricultural tasks that involve moving water. Single-phase motors can power these water pumps effectively, depending on the specific requirements of the application.

When selecting a single-phase motor for a water pump in agricultural equipment, it is important to consider several factors:

  1. Power requirements: Assess the power requirements of the water pump, including the flow rate and pressure needed for efficient water movement. This will help determine the appropriate horsepower (HP) rating for the motor.
  2. Voltage availability: Check the available voltage supply in the agricultural setting where the water pump will be used. Single-phase motors typically operate on standard residential voltages, such as 120V or 240V, making them compatible with common power sources.
  3. Motor efficiency: Consider the efficiency of the single-phase motor. Higher motor efficiency means less energy waste and lower operating costs over time. Look for motors with high efficiency ratings to optimize energy usage.
  4. Starting mechanisms: Depending on the specific water pump application, you may need to consider the starting mechanism of the single-phase motor. Some motors have built-in starting mechanisms, such as capacitor start or capacitor start-capacitor run, to provide sufficient starting torque for the pump.
  5. Maintenance and durability: Evaluate the maintenance requirements and durability of the single-phase motor. Agricultural environments can be demanding, so selecting a motor that is designed for rugged use and requires minimal maintenance can help ensure reliable operation.

By considering these factors and selecting a suitable single-phase motor, agricultural equipment like water pumps can be effectively powered, facilitating essential tasks in farming and irrigation.

single phase motor

How does the starting mechanism work in a single-phase motor?

The starting mechanism in a single-phase motor is a crucial component that enables the motor to overcome the absence of a rotating magnetic field during startup. It provides the initial torque required to initiate rotation. The specific starting mechanism used in a single-phase motor depends on the motor design and application requirements. Let’s explore the common methods used in single-phase motors and how they work:

  • Auxiliary Windings: Single-phase motors often incorporate auxiliary windings, also known as starting windings or auxiliary coils. These windings are placed in the stator alongside the main winding. The auxiliary winding is electrically connected in series with a capacitor, creating a secondary magnetic field that is out of phase with the main winding’s magnetic field. During startup, when the motor is powered, the current flows through both the main winding and the auxiliary winding. The phase difference between the currents in the two windings creates a rotating magnetic field, which initiates the motor’s rotation. Once the motor reaches a certain speed, the auxiliary winding is disconnected, and the motor continues to run using only the main winding.
  • Centrifugal Switch: Some single-phase motors employ a centrifugal switch as part of the starting mechanism. The centrifugal switch is typically attached to the motor shaft and operates based on centrifugal force. During startup, the switch remains closed, connecting the auxiliary winding and the associated starting mechanisms, such as capacitors. This allows the auxiliary winding to create the necessary phase shift and initiate rotation. As the motor accelerates, the centrifugal force increases, causing the switch to open. When the switch opens, it disconnects the auxiliary winding and associated starting mechanisms. The motor then operates using only the main winding, which is sufficient to sustain rotation.
  • Starting Capacitors: Capacitors are commonly used in single-phase motors to provide the necessary phase shift and create a rotating magnetic field during startup. The capacitor is connected in series with the auxiliary winding. When the motor is powered, the capacitor stores electrical energy and releases it in a controlled manner, creating a phase shift between the current in the main winding and the auxiliary winding. This phase difference enables the production of a rotating magnetic field, initiating motor rotation. Once the motor reaches a certain speed, the centrifugal switch or other control mechanism disconnects the capacitor, allowing the motor to run efficiently using only the main winding.

The starting mechanism in a single-phase motor is designed to provide the required initial torque to overcome inertia and start the motor’s rotation. By creating a rotating magnetic field or introducing a phase shift, the starting mechanism enables the motor to generate the necessary torque during startup. Once the motor reaches a certain speed, the starting mechanism is deactivated or disconnected, and the motor continues to operate using only the main winding.

It’s important to note that the specific starting mechanism used in a single-phase motor depends on factors such as motor design, power requirements, and application considerations. The selection and design of the starting mechanism ensure reliable and efficient motor startup, contributing to the overall performance of the motor in various residential and industrial applications.

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