Wheel and Monitor Drive unifies the gearbox, motor, and braking system into a compact assembly that is positioned in the drive sprocket of a one wheel or tracked vehicle. This eliminates the want for a drivetrain that transmits power from the central motor to the rolling elements of the vehicle. Planetary gearboxes have two, 3 or a lot more planetary phases. They are obtainable in many various hydraulic or electric powered motor versions.

The motors used for planetary drives are normally electrically or hydraulically pushed. Hydraulic wheel drives are suitable with most industrial hydraulic systems. They are frequent in self-propelled equipment and off-street apps. Makers will consist of disc or drum brakes, as properly as parking brakes. A guide clutch program is also usually offered, which makes it possible for the decoupling of the gear unit from the motor for crisis towing.

Planetary orbital drives want to transmit much more torque than planetary wheel drives. As a end result, their gearboxes attribute large-toughness resources and strong radial and axial load capacity. Hydraulic motors and disc brakes are the most widespread.

Planetary gearboxes in cell apps are employed as propulsion drives for tracked cars or wheel drives for wheeled automobiles. They can also be utilised as swing drives for rotary motion and as winch drives for lifting and decreasing masses. Programs for wheel and keep track of drives incorporate hefty machinery these kinds of as bulldozers, cranes, and agricultural and transportation autos. Municipal cars such as road sweepers and refuse collectors, and substance handling vehicles these kinds of as forklifts and property autos also use wheel push for propulsion.

Planetary Gearbox

Housing material SCM415
Gear materials SCM415
Floor hardness of gears 60±2HRC
Input / Output shaft substance SCM415
Machining precision of gears DIN6 Quality
Lubricating oil KLUBER
Heat treatment Carburizing, carbonitriding, outstanding quenching
Oil Temp. rise (MAX)


Vibration ≤15μm
Sound (MAX) 60-70dB
Temp. increase (MAX) 70℃


Primary Characteristics:

Large rigidity:

Carburizing, carbon-nitrogen co-carburizing, outstanding quenching heat treatment method, the benefits of higher efficiency.

Low sound:

Helical flank correction tooth profile and information
Lowered gear shock and improved noise on enter and output gear life

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