China Manufacturers ISO High Speed Rotary Vane Type Pneumatic Air Operated Motor, Blade Pneumatic Air Motor

China Manufacturers ISO Substantial Speed Rotary Vane Kind Pneumatic Air Operated Motor, Blade Pneumatic Air Motor

Vane air motor description of vane air motor:
With compressed air as actuating medium, vane air motor helps make use of the enlargement of compressed gases change the pressure power into mechanical vitality. Air motor has straightforward framework, small measurement, light-weight weight, higher horsepower, and simple to be operated and preserved. It also has the characteristic of proof h2o, fireplace, moisture and explosion. It can operate in humid, higher temperatures, large dust and other evidence doing work setting. Aside from mine, rock drilling and loading, it was also broadly utilized for ships, metallurgical, chemical, petrochemical, risky environment, paper and other industries.
Vane air motor features:
1.      Excellent for harsh environments: It does not develop up heat or sparks make air motors excellent for use in flammable or explosive programs.
2.      Intrinsically safe in hazardous setting, can function in humid, substantial temperatures, higher dust and other evidence doing work environment, for case in point:  Mines , petrochemical ,risky ambiance, flammable or explosive purposes.
three.      These air motors can be coupled with gearboxes to enhance torque and decrease velocity.
four.      Basic construction, tiny dimensions, light excess weight, higher horsepower, and straightforward to be operated and preserved.
five.      Air motors can very easily work underneath situations which are unfavorable electric powered, hydraulic, stepper and servo motors.

Mixing tools, CZPT drives, Pump drives, Food packaging, Pharmaceutical packaging, Winches and hoist, Hose reels, Fiberglass choppers, Tension products, Turntables, Oil and fuel market for air winches and Mining products…..

CZPT Knowledge of vane variety air motor:

Product Optimum Velocity Maximum Torque
Electricity Torque Rotate Pace Air use Rotate Speed Torque
hp kw Nm rpm m3/h cfm rpm Nm
1AM .forty five .33 .31 two.75 ten thousand 35.1 20.5 650 .65 five.six
1UP .45 .33 .fifty eight five.25 6000 forty seven 27 five hundred .sixty eight 6.
2AM .ninety three .sixty eight two.twenty 19.50 3000 49.5 thirty 350 three.05 26.1
4AM 1.70 one.30 four.ten 36.00 3000 132.five seventy eight three hundred six.3 fifty six
6AM 4.00 3.00 10.00 84.00 3000 228 128 300 thirteen one hundred fifteen
8AM 5.25 3.90 14.forty 132.00 2500 293 one hundred seventy five three hundred 21 185
16AM nine.fifty 7.00 34.00 290.00 2000 475 275 three hundred forty three 372

China Manufacturers ISO High Speed Rotary Vane Type Pneumatic Air Operated Motor, Blade Pneumatic Air Motor