Warranty: 3years
Model Number: VHS315-4-4 373 HP
Type: Asynchronous Motor
Frequency: 50HZ or 60HZ
Phase: Single-phase
Protect Feature: Drip-proof
AC Voltage: 380V-440V-660V,
Efficiency: Ie 3
Raw materail: steel iron
Series 3 phase electric fan motor: Series 3 phase electric fan motor
Application: Industry Machine
Rated Power: 0.75KW-355KW
Voltage: 220/380V 380/660V 230/400V 400/690V 440V
Protection class: IP54/IP55
Speed: 2900RPM 1400RPM 960RPM 660RPM
Packaging Details: Plycase wood
Port: ZheJiang

Series 3 phase electric motor IEC VHS MOTOR and DC motor ,AC motor .

MOTOR YKKP450-4 630KW 66.2A 1489RPM
MOTOR YKK450-4 560KW 58.6A 1488RPM
MOTOR YX3-315L1-4 160KW 273A 1485RPM
MOTOR YKK400-4 315KW 36.7A 1486RPM
MOTOR YX3-280M-4 90KW 157A 1487RPM
MOTOR YX3-315M-4 132KW 229A 1487RPM
MOTOR YKK400-6 280KW 35.6A 990RPM
MOTOR YKKP450-4 500KW 52.7A 1490RPM
MOTOR YKK400-4 400KW 45.4A 1487RPM
MOTOR YX3-280S-2 75KW 130A 2980RPM
MOTOR YX3-200L-4 30KW 54.6A 1480RPM
MOTOR YD315M-4/6P 75/45KW 130.5/89.8A
MOTOR YD225S-4 22KW 1470/980RPM
MOTOR YD100L2-6 1.5/2.2KW 940/1400RPM
MOTOR YS7144 0.75KW 400V 1.79A 1340RPM
MOTOR YX3-90L-4 1.5KW 3.5A 1400RPM
MOTOR YVP315L2-4 185KW 300A 1484RPM
MOTOR YS7124 0.37KW 1.07A 1400TR/MIN Y
MOTOR YX3-90S-4 1.1KW 2.72A 1400TR/MIN
MOTOR MS-90S-4 1.1KW 1400RPM
MOTOR YSKK560-12 630KW 6.3KV 494RPM
MOTOR YSKK560-12 900KW 6.3KV492RPM
MOTOR YKK355 4-4 250KW 6.3KV 1478RPM
MOTOR 160M1-2W 11KW 400V 2940RPM
MOTOR YB2-IGoL-2W 18.5KW 400V 2940RPM
MOTOR CBS2/155/4.5-6.3C/8 37Kw 2935RPM
MOTOR 55KW 380V 2962RPM
MOTOR 30KW 380V 2938RPM
MOTOR YX3-250M-2 55KW 400V 2975RPM
MOTOR YX3-200L1-2 30KW 400V 2965RPM
MOTOR YX3-280S-2 75KW 400V 2980RPM
MOTOR LSES 250 ME-T 55KW 380V 2962RPM
MOTOR LS160U-T 27.5KW 380V 5165RPM
MOTOR G132A 45KW 400V
MOTOR Y2VP132M-8 3KW 400V
MOTOR 1TL001-1DA2 11KW 380/660V
MOTOR 1TL0001-1DB2 11KW 400/690V
MOTOR 1TL0001-1DB2 11KW 380/660V
MOTOR 1TL0001-1CA1 7.5KW 400/690V
MOTOR 1LE0001-1BA2 4KW 400/660V
MOTOR YQX100L1-4 2.2KW 400V
MOTOR 2XB510-H26 1.6KW R/MIN
MOTOR YQX90L-4 1.5KW 400V
MOTOR YE2-90S-4 1.1KW 400V
MOTOR YX3-80M2-4 0.75KE 1.9A 1390RPM
MOTOR 2RB410N-7AT16 0.75KW 2830 R/MIN
MOTOR 2RB230N-7AT16 0.37KW 2825 R/MIN
MOTOR YSJ7114-1HS 0.25KW 220/380V
MOTOR Y271M1-6 B14 0.18KW 400V
MOTOR YD25571/45
MOTOR YE280M2-4 0.75Kw 1380 RPM
Motor Z500-3B 650kW DC Motoru + LAW- Z500 Air-Water Cooler, with FAG bearing.
Motor Z560-2B 800kW DC Motor + LAW-Z560 Air-Water Cooler, with FAG bearing.
Motor Z560-3B 1000kW DC Motor+ LAW-Z560 Air-Water Cooler, with FAG bearing.
Motor Z710-400 1250kW DC Motor + LAW-Z710 Air-Water Cooler, with FAG bearing.
Motor ZFQZ-355-42 355kW DC Motor + KSL355 -43 Air-Water Cooler, with FAG bearing.
Motor ZFQZ-355-21 180kW DC Motor+KSL355 -43 Air-Water Cooler, with FAG bearing.

Frequency 50HZ-60HZ, voltage 380V-440V- 660V, IEC standard, insulation class F, IP23, energy efficiency class B, grey or blue color, working altitude<1000meter.

Frequency 50HZ-60HZ, voltage 380V-440V- 660V, NEMA standard, class F, IP23, dark grey or blue color, working altitude<1000meter. Ball type of anti- reverse,BD and BX size can produce according required,but we will produce according our catalog if you do not supply size .Please enquiry if you want to buy big HP motor.

Model : VHS315-4-4

Power : 373 HP, 280 KW

How to Assemble a Planetary Motor

A Planetary Motor uses multiple planetary surfaces to produce torque and rotational speed. The planetary system allows for a wide range of gear reductions. Planetary systems are particularly effective in applications where higher torques and torque density are needed. As such, they are a popular choice for electric vehicles and other applications where high-speed mobility is required. Nevertheless, there are many benefits associated with using a planetary motor. Read on to learn more about these motors.


If you’re looking to replace the original VP, the VPLite has a similar output shaft as the original. This means that you can mix and match your original gear sets, including the input and output shafts. You can even mix metal inputs with plastic outputs. Moreover, if you decide to replace the gearbox, you can easily disassemble the entire unit and replace it with a new one without losing any output torque.
Compared to a planetary motor, a spur gear motor uses fewer gears and is therefore cheaper to produce. However, the latter isn’t suitable for high-torque applications. The torque produced by a planetary gearmotor is evenly distributed, which makes it ideal for applications that require higher torque. However, you may have to compromise on the torque output if you’re looking for a lightweight option.
The VersaPlanetary Lite gearbox replaces the aluminum ring gear with a 30% glass-filled nylon gear. This gearbox is available in two sizes, which means you can mix and match parts to get a better gear ratio. The VPLite gearbox also has a female 5mm hex output shaft. You can mix and match different gearboxes and planetary gearboxes for maximum efficiency.


The VersaPlanetary is a highly versatile planetary motor that can be mounted in a variety of ways. Its unique design includes a removable shaft coupler system that makes it simple to swap out the motor with another. This planetary motor mounts in any position where a CIM motor mounts. Here’s how to assemble the motor. First, remove the hex output shaft from the VersaPlanetary output stage. Its single ring clip holds it in place. You can use a drill press to drill a hole into the output shaft.
After mounting the gearbox, you can then mount the motor. The mounting hardware included with the VersaPlanetary Planetary Motor comes with four 10-32 threaded holes on a two-inch bolt circle. You can use these holes to mount your VersaPlanetary on a CIM motor or a CIM-compatible motor. Once assembled, the VersaPlanetary gearbox has 72 different gear ratios.
The VersaPlanetary gearbox is interchangeable with regular planetary gearboxes. However, it does require additional parts. You can purchase a gearbox without the motor but you’ll need a pinion. The pinion attaches to the shaft of the motor. The gearbox is very sturdy and durable, so you won’t have to worry about it breaking or wearing out.

Self-centering planetary gears

A planetary motor is a simple mechanical device that rotates around a axis, with the planets moving around the shaft in a radial direction. The planets are positioned so that they mesh with both the sun gear and the output gears. The carrier 48 is flexibly connected to the drive shaft and can move depending on the forces exerted by the planet gears. In this way, the planets can always be in the optimal mesh with the output gears and sun gear.
The first step in developing a planetary gear motor is to identify the number of teeth in each planet. The number of teeth should be an integer. The tooth diameters of the planets should mesh with each other and the ring. Typically, the teeth of one planet must mesh with each other, but the spacing between them must be equal or greater than the other. This can be achieved by considering the tooth count of each planet, as well as the spacing between planets.
A second step is to align the planet gears with the output gears. In a planetary motor, self-centering planetary gears must be aligned with both input and output gears to provide maximum torque. For this to be possible, the planet gears must be connected with the output shaft and the input shaft. Similarly, the output shaft should also be able to align with the input gear.


A planetary geared motor is a DC motor with a planetary gearbox. The motor can be used to drive heavy loads and has a ratio of 104:1. The shaft speed is 116rpm when it is unloaded. A planetary gearbox has a low backlash and is often used in applications that need high torque. Planetary Motor encoders can help you keep track of your robot’s position or speed.
They are also able to control motor position and speed with precision. Most of them feature high resolution. A 0.18-degree resolution encoder will give you a minimum of 2000 transitions per rotation between outputs A and B. The encoder is built to industrial standards and has a sturdy gearbox to avoid damage. The encoder’s robust design means it will not stall when the motor reaches its maximum speed.
There are many advantages to a planetary motor encoder. A high-quality one will not lose its position or speed even if it’s subject to shocks. A good quality planetary motor will also last a long time. Planetary motors are great for resale or for your own project. If you’re considering buying a planetary motor, consider this information. It’ll help you decide if a particular model is right for your needs.


There are several advantages of planetary motors. One of the biggest is their cost, but they can also be used in many different applications. They can be combined with a variety of gearboxes, and are ideal for various types of robots, laboratory automation, and production applications. Planetary gearboxes are available in many different materials, and plastic planetary gearboxes are an economical alternative. Plastic gearboxes reduce noise at higher speeds, and steel input stage gears are available for high torques. A modified lubrication system can help with difficult operating conditions.
In addition to being more durable, planetary motors are much more efficient. They use fewer gears, which lowers the overall cost of production. Depending on the application, a planetary motor can be used to move a heavy object, but is generally less expensive than its counterpart. It is a better choice for situations where the load is relatively low and the motor is not used frequently. If you need a very high torque output, a planetary motor may be the better option.
Planetary gear units are a good choice for applications requiring high precision, high dynamics, and high torque density. They can be designed and built using TwinCAT and TC Motion Designer, and are delivered as complete motor and gear unit assemblies. In a few simple steps, you can calculate the torque required and compare the costs of different planetary gear units. You can then choose the best model for your application. And because planetary gear units are so efficient, they are a great option for high-end industrial applications.


There are several different applications of the planetary motor. One such application is in motion control. Planetary gearboxes have many benefits, including high torque, low backlash, and torsional stiffness. They also have an extremely compact design, and can be used for a variety of applications, from rack and pinion drives to delta robotics. In many cases, they are less expensive to manufacture and use than other types of motors.
Another application for planetary gear units is in rotary tables. These machines require high precision and low backlash for their precise positioning. Planetary gears are also necessary for noise reduction, which is a common feature in rotary tables. High precision planetary gears can make the height adjustment of OP tables a breeze. And because they are extremely durable and require low noise, they are a great choice for this application. In this case, the planetary gear is matched with an AM8000 series servomotor, which gives a wide range of choices.
The planetary gear transmission is also widely used in helicopters, automobiles, and marine applications. It is more advanced than a countershaft drive, and is capable of higher torque to weight ratios. Other advantages include its compact design and reduced noise. A key concern in the development of this type of transmission is to minimize vibration. If the output of a planetary gear transmission system is loud, the vibration caused by this type of drive system may be too loud for comfort.

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