Merchandise Description

PS138 AND PS238

Pump body:  Cast iron
Impeller:  Brass/Stainless steel/PPO
Motor:  Closed, externally ventilated
Mechanical seal:  φ12 ceramic steatite/graphite
Shaft:  Carbon steel AISI 1045(Stainless steel AISI 420 if essential)

Insulation class:  B(Class F if required)
Protection class:  IP44
Responsibility:  Continuously rated

Thermal Protector

The regular electrical power normal is 220V 50Hz singlephase.
A few period 220/380V/50Hz, 220/440V/60Hz
One period 230V, 240V, 127V, 110V,115V/60Hz

models are offered on ask for

 MODEL  POWER  H.MAX  Q.MAX  SUCT.MAX Inlet / outlet Frequency
 PS-138  370W  30m  30L/m  9m 1″ × 1″ 50/sixty Hz
 PS-238  450W  35m  35L/m

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Synchronous motors operate at a speed that is synchronous with the frequency of the mains current. This indicates that in the regular-point out of the motor, the rotation of the shaft is synchronized with the frequency of the supply present. The interval of rotation of the shaft is equivalent to the quantity of AC cycles. The stator of a synchronous motor has polyphase AC electromagnets. These electromagnets generate a magnetic field that rotates in synchrony with the present in the wire. The rotor geared up with long lasting magnets or electromagnets rotates synchronously with the stator magnetic area to form the next synchronous rotating magnetic subject of the AC motor.
Two types of AC motors consist of: Synchronous: The reality that a synchronous motor rotates at the identical rate as the frequency of the mains current presents the motor its title. A synchronous motor is composed of a stator and a rotor. Synchronous motors have a extensive selection of apps. Induction: Induction motors are the easiest and strongest motors accessible. These AC motors consist of two electrical parts: a wound stator and rotor assembly. The existing necessary to change the rotor is produced by the electromagnetic induction designed by the stator windings. Induction motors are 1 of the most generally used types of motors in the globe.

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