Merchandise Description

Blended Corn maize sheller threshing and peeling processing device
Combined corn maize sheller and thresher machine
one: Corn sheller and thresher, corn sheller can peeling and shelling in 1 time
two: CZPT crack the corn comb, very cleanse and easy to offer with
3: With the blower to get rid of the dust
4: small dimension, easy to run, and move easily

corn husker and sheller/thresher is a combine machine, it can realize bothPeeling and threshing with replacing the 


peeling roll and threshing roll alternately. This machine structure is simple, safe and reliable, supporting power for singlephase 


motor, it is widely applicable for the rural market, advantages it boasts are small sizelight w8, simple operation, trash mouth with


a fan to clean up after threshing corn, not need the second cleStructure comp1nts are suction bran, vacuuming, stripping,


threshing, separation, cleaning, and automatic control . 


kind Diameter
Rolling speed 
WS5-thirty 138 1600 one thousand-1500 one.5 kw
WS5-36  138 1600 1800-2200  2.2 kw   
WS5-86 138 1600 2500-3000 2.2kw

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